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No More Me Lyrics

40dt No More Me
People can say what they want to say
I don't concern myself with the games that people play
Understanding we must not lean unto our own
For the answers to life we must be looking on
To the truth that live within the world of God
Avoiding all tempation in the land of Icibod
Out world is getting smaller as our hearts are waxing cold
A digital society falls into the mold

On and on and on it goes RESIST!

Are you ready for change
It's time to rearrange
My priority
No more me

Leave this excess baggage behind
It's time to move ahead and let the tape unwind
The past is just that and what's been done's been done
The truth is much bigger than the lie that we've become
We got to realize the time is now at hand
But the generations blinded by the windblown sand
What that's the way it is what you gonna do
Continue with concern for nothing other than you!

No more me
No more me
Going blind
What I see
This generations that's in front of me
You got to stand up for what you believe
Cause presenting the truth is more than just a shirt sleeve
Or a little colored band that you wear on your arm
Will you be the one that's gonna pull the alarm
Come on

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