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Serving Time Lyrics

Album Name : Heads
Release Date : 2000-08-22
Song Duration : 3:03

40 Grit Serving Time

I would never want to hear of the one that you speak
I would promise you my life, broke promise I'd keep
Try escaping from your final fade of descent
Sit here torn between this life with you, or my death
Take away the fire from bridges you've burned
Fighting for the one lesson you can't learn
Hunted by your ghost and all that it seeks
You cannot comply, you can't set it free
I wish that you were here right now. Terminate
Wouldn't move or start to run again, or give chase
Path of blocks give way to seeing through, I have made
This insecurity in what i do. Take Away
Hear these voices in your head ring out
And you have left with nothing but this cage you built
And you're serving time
Try and find a cause for what i can't understand
Underneath here lies unwanted lies that command
You'll be strapped up to the wall, break cane on your back
Bleed you head to toe and poise you up to attack