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Hands Up Lyrics

3pc Hands Up

D'Ablo, 3 Piece
Put 'em up y'all
Whew, make room for 3-1-2
Haters, keep your love when we come through
Ma, you got friends? Well, bring them too
A party ain't a party without a managie

[3 Piece]
Throw your hands up (If you're balling hard)
Throw your hands up (If you the coldest broad)
Throw your hands up (If you're sitting on dough)
Throw your hands up (Jigga, show me some love)

Throw your hands up (If you're buying the bar)
Throw your hands up (All my ghetto superstars)
Throw your hands up (If you see something you like)
Throw your hands up (If you're getting crunk tonight)

Hey, all the ballers standing in the club
Put your eyes up and show me love
Said we're all here to have a good time
So just wave your drinks if you're feeling alright
Feeling alright tonight, V.I.P, it's all on me
I want all the ladies shakin' their booty

Up and down, there she go
DJ beatin' his song fa' sho'
Round and round on the floor
Shakin' that thing just like a pro

Back it up for me
Mami, make it bounce for me
It's lookin' so good to me
Everybody sing along with me
Sing along with me

[Repeat 1]

You see this be baggettes on my wrist and on your neck
Two-way pager on my hip, hit me up, honey dip
Sippin' Cris' all night long
As we're dancing to this song
Cuz this track keeps rollin' round and round
Hand in the air if you're gonna be down

[Repeat 2]

[Repeat 1]

Sex in the air (It's all there ya'll)
Cris' everywhere (Said where ya'll)
Shorty showin' off her thongs
With the see-through on
Actin' like she really wanna get it on

Reese, she ain't actin'
She really want to
And right now it ain't nothing that I won't do
What, you want a drink? Get your girls one
Get drunk 'till you feel you gotta erl some
I don' bought the bar, get a case of Cris'
Keep your dough, let D'Ablo pay for this
I'm in V.I.P. with the mink on
Although the coke's pretty hot, we got heats on
DJ, throw that new Three Piece on
And tear the club up, how you love us
Valet, somebody pull my dogs up and make it express
I got a chick off Ex'
After I hit the 'dro, I'mma hit her next
I know you impressed, you ain't seen a Lex' this fresh
And if you have, throw them brands up
Chi Town, stand up and throw them hands up

[Repeat 1 until fad]