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I Don't Wanna Grow Up Lyrics

37 Slurp I Don't Wanna Grow Up
I stand here and it's so profound
All I can vision is here and now
But I think about the future and it sucks

I'll get older I'll get fat and slow
Have to deal with kids and life, you know
oh ya, all kinds of shit

I'll have a. a car to pay off
And a rent and mortgage too
Coke-bottle glasses and orthopedic shoes

My job will probably suffocate me
Cuz of my prostate it burns when i pee
I'll fall face first when I'm over the hill

Wont shit under my own power
If I try it'll take me about five hours
I dread the day I have to wear depends

I know what's really over the hill
A respirator, viagra pills
Adulthoods not the way for me
Can't take all of this RESPONSIBILITY (and i know this)
Cuz I don't wanna grow up
No I don't wanna grow up

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