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Dreamer Lyrics

Album Name : This One's for the Fans
Release Date : 2006-02-11
Song Duration : 3:05

32 Below Dreamer

The first time I met you inside one of my many dreams
Your voice spoke gently telling my heart what it needs
You left me there longing for your gentle touch
Can't satisfy my hunger till I've found your sweet love
I know that you're still out there somewhere beyond the line
I still hear your voice whisper from another place in time
And even if you could hear me I wouldn't know what to say
But I'll keep on searching as all else fades away.

With every heart I'm passing thinking it could be the one
But it always winds up ending like the day does with the sun
And it brings a new beginning when the nighttime settles in
My dreams start wandering and I'm with you again