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A Void Employs A Kiss Lyrics

31 Knots A Void Employs A Kiss

I remember Ritalin and all the days
Oh boy, before it came to stay
All the kids in study hall
Shooting up or jerking off into their new jeans
And Demerol would dance in their dreams

Now I live inside a room
In a house inside of you
I slowly decompose
I will hide your vitamins
Sabotage your regimen until you fall apart
Then I'll climb the stairs and break your heart

I adore your facelessness
The way a void employs a kiss
To go to and fro
Something and nothing

Navigate the empty space

Getting high off anxiety
And break it down from memory
Now it's too routine
So now insane is ubiquitous
Color-coded ridiculous
Won't you dance with me?
We can be the ones who never leave