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Better Off Dead Lyrics

Album Name : Ever Revolving, Never Evolving
Release Date : 1999-07-13
Song Duration : 2:32

30 Foot Fall Better Off Dead

I woke up surprised and disappointed
To find out I was still me,
Last night should've killed me.
Took a shower couldn't scrub it off
Tried to scream, I could only cough
I can't trust myself to be my own friend.
Exhausted by the effort it takes to breathe,
The Whole world is against me
That's what I belive,
Don't waste your empathy on me

I'm through puttin one foot in front of the other
I'm do wanna run for cover
From the moment I wake up til I'm
Starin at the ceiling trying to sleep
I wonder if I have a soul to keep.

Voices in my head will not turn off
There's a heavy weight on top
Of my chest today,
I don't want it to go away because,
The moment I let down my guard,
Life will hit me twice as hard
My mistake, I thought I could have
Just one day off
From pushing boulders up steep hills,
Playin in traffic for cheap thrills
I don't know what to do
That's why I'm tellin you that


Sometimes there's nothing on my mind
But everything at one time
Find me sliding backwards down
To where I don't want to be found
Stop with these tests give me some rest
My heart is beating right out of my chest
I do believe I have a soul to keep.

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