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Control Mexica Lyrics

Album Name : B-Boys In Occupied Mexico
Release Date : 2000-10-03
Song Duration : 3:34

2mex Control Mexica
La Raza cosmica, Mexica en excellence
Indigeonous century oughtta see, see (x2)

More [?] than the morphine menataur
A mechanical mammal and man made of war
With the Master Machete
Mexican mandervilles, man memorizin their vandacle
Accelsior, I emailed an essay to Epcot entitled:
Eat me for envelope and evile e?
Internally we'll excavate, eventually I'll elevate
I'm more X-factor than X files
Ex girlfriend and all Ex friends are Exile
Of Mexican Descant always an excellent event
Mind expanding experiments, expirement.

Imaginacion de le gente y [?] y ciente y tas a niente
Y con de sente

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