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Without Me Lyrics

2long2beread Without Me

Time seemed like stopped
i know that it's what I ever wanted
but sittin in the back of car
I realize that it was just
a short bracket,a short time in my life
experiences make my brain better than before

seeing sad people returning home
returning on their lifes
I understand I'm just one of those
people that lives
few days and
regret those for rest of life...

it's rainin'shame and satisfactions
on the top of car
that's burning km and petrol
and it's going south
the only way for stop thinkin of it is sleeping
the only way for stop thinkin of you is sleeping more

i don't know how much of me there's in your hart
but today drivin home or before sleep tonite
I just ask you to think of we toghether've done
wish you have a good 2003 without me.

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