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For Goodness Sake Lyrics

20belows For Goodness Sake

I wake up, a bit sick
Can't quite recall what she said
Just a glimpse of her leaving
Sad end to a lovely evening
Throw up, my head spins
Keeps getting worse with each drink
Yet they still flow like rivers
Drowning hearts and killing livers

I'm a mess, I confess
My own fault, duly noted
But no one said it'd be like this forever

Now I've been drunk for days, stayed up late
Heard a laugh slowly fade
Let her go, curse the day
For goodness sake, I'm not okay

I wake up, a bit sick
Can't quite recall what I did
Something must have happened
No one's here and no one's laughing
I f..cked up a good thing
Keeps happening with these drinks
These god damn liquid sinners
Let her slip right through my fingers

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