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The Sixth Sense Lyrics

180 Out The Sixth Sense

We live our lives by sensing
Touch smell taste sight sound
But theres something missing
Our sixth sense must be found
Its that little voice inside your head
Its that feeling in your heart
Its knowing the difference
Between what is wrong and whats right

*I gotta feeling*
A feeling in my soul
Sixth sense save me
Let it take control
Override my vision
Override the sound
Sixth sense take me
Take me wont you take me
Take me where the truth can be found

Im tossing turning in the night
I cant get no relief
The sweat pours out my body
Like someones turning up the heat
My sixth sense is reeling
The chills run down my spine
Thinking about the things I did
On the day I left behind


Your eyes can play tricks on you
And cold can feel hot
Believe half of what you hear
Whether you like it or not
Let your sixth sense guide you
Let it take you to the Light
Its all about knowing
The difference between wrong and right


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