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All I've Got Lyrics

Album Name : 17:28
Release Date : 2005-12-20
Song Duration : 4:11

17:28 All I've Got

If I could just find a way
To get inside your heart
I would be the luckiest guy
If I can just be the one
Who'll be by your side
Just a chance to feel what it's like

And i'll do anything
To be in his shoes
Coz I know I could give even more

Baby this love, it's all that i've got
More than diamonds and pearls
And all the wealth in this world
Baby this love, it is all that i've got
But I know it's gonna last forever, and ever

(oohh love, is all that i've got)
It's all that i've got

Standing outside your world
Wishing you'd let me in
And i'd show you what my love can bring
Helplessly hoping you'd give me half a chance
Coz I know i'm just one step away

And I live in a dream
That I wish would come true
Waiting for a happy ending

Repeat chorus

(forever and ever)
I may not have too much to give
But how can you stop feeling so strong
All I ever want to be
Is right by your side
(right by your side)
Right by your side

Repeat chorus

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