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Vinyl & Steel Lyrics

16stitch Vinyl & Steel

They’re tapping on the windows - Listen as the wind blows
- They’re trying to get in - I won’t let them - We are
safe in our love - I will hold you with every breath in
my lungs - My veins - Arrows and clouds form overhead -
You are my blinding light and I would gladly lose my eyes
tonight - just to sit here next to you - And when I
picked you up - you looked so pretty in that dress -
Green Eyes - Black lace - Arrows and clouds form overhead
- Do you remember when we were dancing - At the wedding -
When we were dancing - And I could hear your heartbeat -
So close to mine - I will protect you - Right till the
end (x2)

Chorus* Rain on the windows as we make out - and we are
the only two people left in this world - In our island of
vinyl and steel - I’ll be waiting

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