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Low Estate Lyrics

Album Name : Low Estate
Release Date : 1998-01-27
Song Duration : 4:28

16 Horsepower Low Estate
To hell with boys creepin' up slowly
Swingin' them shovels 'round
Diggin' up words of pleasure
From evil hollow ground

Oh, an' here's one now girl
The devil is in his eye
You'd better start stirring up soil boy
Or hear ever you'll lye

Shall whispered to you in the dark
And I think you heard me say
Let's say goodbye like we said hello
In a friendly kind of way

Charlie's neat an' Charlie's keen but
David he's a dandy
David he's a nice young man
He feeds the girls on candy

Doesn't love me, no
He love me not
Doesn't want me, yeah
He want me rough

Whispered to you in the dark
And all that sordid gain
Well, let's say goodbye like we said hello
In a friendly kinda way

Yes and what I done, that's my damage
An' what you do is your'n
Y'all got nothin' on me
But I'll take that there crown of scorn

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