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Once Upon A Time Lyrics

1 Beat Off Once Upon A Time

once upon a time i got really f..cking drunk
we drank all night
we drank everywhere
we drank on the side of the road
we didn't care
then i went for a ride in a friend's car
he didn't drink so everything was alright
the car stopped
the engine turned
and so did my head
on to the seat
i fell asleep
i wished i was dead
you know it really blew
i wish it happened to you
and then the car stopped
but not my head
out came some vomit
and hit the cement
at least it didn't hit the car
we went into a restaraunt
they got some food
i barfed a lot
and got the police called on me
i ran into
the bathroom
and passed out in the stall the
cops they
searched my friends car
they didn't find any beer at all
you know those f..cking dicks
they told my friend's parents
they thought he was drunk

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