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Terminal B Lyrics

070 Shake Terminal B

When you take this shot now
Look me in my eyes, what do you see, babe?
When you take this off [?]
I can't even lie, I be looking
[?] lock it up

I been feeling free in your prison
Something I never had
Then I start to wonder, oh
Something I'll never have

And then I start to wonder
Why can't I feel it with another?
And then I start to wonder
Why can't I see it with another?
Yeah, maybe she's a lockdown lover
Maybe she is locked down, oh

And I'm screaming "fuck sleep!"
I'ma need you to release me
And I really need you to renew me
Need you to hold me, oh-oh

And I'm rushing home
(I was inside inside what I felt
And I felt like...
[?] looking at [?])
I felt this once before

What if she's a lockdown lover?
What if she never leave me for real?
And then I start to wonder
Why can't I feel this with another? Yeah
And then maybe she just wanna be free for now
But don't you fall in love with my baby
We all gonna die, so really nobody's safe here
I came, so long
Got your bitch, she feeling for more
We could all squeeze up in this four door

(I was, I was walking all alone
But I realized at that time that
That I did it for you... like, I needed you
I needed it so I couldn't receive it
I... I said, it wasn't hard for me to receive it
I was just [?])
I felt this once before
(Consider, consider it all
Consider, consider this [?]
Consider the [?])
I felt this once before
([?] receive it [?])

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