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Lost At Sea Lyrics

Album Name : Fireproof Your TV
Release Date : 2011-04-11
Song Duration : 4:26

...music Video? Lost At Sea

I couldn't taste what I used to feel
Wake me up if this is real
I haven't seen the sun for days
And leave the past, it's in the past
Moments like these were meant to last
And views like these need photographs
I've still got far too long to go
Running fast and breathing slow
Yeah I've got far too long to go
Making love to a machine
Her LED's were bright and green
I couldn't understand her code

Watching it rain on a screen
It doesn't mean as much to me
I saw the storm on channel five
The only icicles we see
Are made of lights and hung on trees
It hasn't snowed since '85
I haven't slept since we first met
Cause if I did I might forget
That funny way you looked at me
With ticking bombs and fallen leaves
Forgotten songs and tricks up sleeves
There's plenty of fish lost at sea

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