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Tempura Lyrics

$uicideboy$ Tempura

[Verse 1: YUNG $NOW]
Long hair, don't care, bitch, I don't give a f..ck
Open me up in a new window
Talkin' about that bong sharing, lawnchair chillin' in the kitchen
$crim is whippin' up the dope, while I'm playing Nintendo
Slit my lymph node, *59 stay in the dark
F..ck the limelight, bitch, that's my kinfolk
Been throwed since '94
Dick throwed a little bit to the left, 'till I find the right hoe, oh
Really though, I hate when corny motherfuckers say they got a sick flow
Sounded like Carl Winslow, bitch, I'm spittin' Dead Snow
That's a good movie, we can watch it
We can f..ck and then you can go to bed, hoe
Bitch, turn off the lights, I can still see the glow
Keep it up and I'ma take you home
Crib like an igloo, bitch, that's why they call me Yung $now, oh

[Verse 2: $LICK $LOTH]
It's that Yung Pharaoh blowin' on that Sarah Sparrow
Eyes looking narrow
Sippin' lean with a sombrero
Rio de Janeiro paint on my f..cking Chevy
Riding around with a bitch that looks like Lil' Debbie
Now tell me what you know
Yung Vincent Van Gogh
Lil John Macenroe
Put the blade to my throat, it's that $uicide—
[*Ocean Interlude*]
My manic depressive and gun on the dresser mind state
The psycho professor, the demon possessor, but nevertheless a soul mate
In a grey state
Watch me raise the crime rate
Welcome to Hell's gates, bitch
I'm that flaming dragon
Seven heads, and draped in satin
Speaking tongues in Latin
Yung Death
Lil Famine

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