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Kill Yourself Lyrics

$uicideboy$ Kill Yourself

This a $crim beat
DJ $crim with that 808

$ui, $ui-cide, $uicide, $ui, $ui-cide
$ui, $ui-cide, $uicide, $uicide
$ui, $ui-cide, $uicide, $ui, $ui-cide
$ui, $ui-cide, $uicide, $uicide

They figure me a dead motherfucker
Leaving motherfucker's heads stuck under the covers
But I wonder if they know I got a $uicide kit?
Granting me a death wish, razor blade slidin' up my wrist, uh
Unleash the lead from my pistol into my head
Pourin' Cristal on my dead body
Teflon Don, leave you lookin' fresh, sprawled out on my lawn
Don't call me Gotti, bitch, my name is Oddy, or Ruby da Cherry
No, this not blood, it's just muscadine made from the juice of the berry
Take a little sip, poisoning the pit
Half-dead motherfuckers throwin' up the click
$lick $loth tellin' me, "We got to dip"
Calling on Shenron, grant me a wish
I wish that you could enter the dragon, the chambers of the triple six
So I can stop the bragging, that will never happen
I'm in the back of a wagon slittin' my wrists
Wave a blood stain, white flag, dragging my body into the mist
Take your best shot
Aim it, cock it, know you're going to miss
Not leaving a note, I'm leaving a list
$uicideboy, bitch

[Verse 2: $LICK $LOTH]
F..ck her one time, and I pull out
Cock it one time, this a shootout
Don't bar no lemon
F..ckboys, we don't love them
Got a Ford with a trunk in the back where we stuff 'em
Sick and tired of boys actin' like bitches
Ever heard of Gotti? Do you get the picture?
Motherfuckers couldn't even hold my jock strap
Glock strap fully loaded, dawg, f..ck rap
'Cause I kill for the fun
Pop a pill with a nun
Bitch, I dance on the sun
Go and take a little bump, f..ck a chump wit' a pump
I made you, so how you gon' break me?
But I guess the spotlight breeds envy
But tempt me with one wrong move, I can put it in your life
Either way, I don't lose
Hit the snooze, drinkin' booze, I'm a fool with the tool
Buried in the backyard wit' an underground pool
$UICIDEBOY$, go and kill yourself
Doin' drug after drug, dawg, f..ck health
$crimmy never ever quittin', dawg, f..ck help
And f..ck wealth, here's a Benji for you broke bitches
Card's dealt, go and pass me the rope, bitches

$ui, $ui-cide, $uicide, $ui, $ui-cide
$ui, $ui-cide, $uicide, $uicide
$ui, $ui-cide, $uicide, $ui, $ui-cide
$ui, $ui-cide, $uicide, $uicide

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