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Converting... Lyrics

$uicideboy$ Converting...

[Verse 1: YUNG $NOW]
All these hoes be grabbin' on me, but bitch, I'm swagging, holy shit
I got a bag of pills up on me, all these drugs, feel like I'm lagging
Homie told me, "Only take them drugs unless you lonely"
Bitch, I'm baggin' mostly dope and slowly burning, crackin' open
But bitch, I'm jabbin' OG kush and rollin'
Smoking like I'm rabid, foamin' at the f..cking mouth
I ride a dragon like a pony
Lowkey chokin', but I'm braggin'
Boastin' I'm a savage, hoes can suck a dick
Ain't nothin' but baggage on me, dragging me down
But I keep bagging trophies

[Verse 2: YUNG CHRIST]
Grippin' and cockin' the Glock, wet up the block
Lucifer clutching the Ruger
Ayy, shoutout to all the school shooters
I'm Freddy, I'm Krueger, I'm Looper just tryna maneuver
Got indica all in my lungs, bitch on the phone
The thuggish, the ruggish, no bone
So high that I feel like a drone
Leave me alone, rather take drugs on my own
Don't see you, don't see him, don't see her
$uicide, eternal sleeper
Shake hands and shoot dice with the reaper
I've always been eager to meet you
Speaker of all the abandoned, wishin' for death to be granted
Pissin' on these Ten Commandments
This is what the depressed been demandin'

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